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Thread: Java NOOB Help.

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    Default Java NOOB Help.

    I need some help here guys. I'm brand new to Java and would like to learn it. Can someone show me how to complete the program below?

    Java NOOB Help.-123.jpg


    A. Include your personal information in the last item of the table above.

    B. Create a program that uses the information in the table above to create an ArrayList of Student objects. For the Student object class, do the following.
    1. Include the following instance variables that describe each student:

    • student ID

    • first name

    • last name

    • e-mail address

    • age

    • array of grades

    2. Include the following methods in the Student class:

    a. an accessor (i.e., getter) for each instance variable from part B1

    b. a mutator (i.e., setter) for each instance variable from part B1

    Note: All access and change to the instance variables of the Student class should be through accessor and mutator methods.

    c. constructor using all of the input parameters

    d. print() to print specific student data (e.g., student ID, first name, last name) using accessors (i.e., getters)

    Note: Printing out the grades is optional, not required.

    3. Create a student Roster class with the following methods that contain all ArrayList method calls:

    a. public static void remove(String studentID) that removes students from the roster by student ID

    Note: If the student ID doesn’t exist, the method should print an error message indicating that it is not found.

    b. public static void print_all() that prints a complete tab-separated list of student data using accessor methods

    Note: Tabs can be formatted as such: 1 [tab] First Name: John [tab] Last Name: Smith [tab] Age: 20 [tab] Grades: {88, 79, 59}. The print_all() method should loop through all the students in the student array list and call the print() method for each student.

    c. public static void print_average_grade(String studentID) that correctly prints a student’s average grade by student ID

    d. public static void print_invalid_emails() that verifies student e-mail addresses and displays all invalid e-mail addresses to the user

    Note: A valid e-mail should include an at sign (“@”) and period (“.”) and doesn’t include a space.

    C. Demonstrate the program’s required functionality by running the following scenario:
    //loop through the ArrayList and for each element:
    //expected: this should print a message saying such a student with this ID was not found.



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    Default Re: Java NOOB Help.

    What do you know about Java? Its nearly impossible to help you do anything if you don't make a start yourself and are at least minimally familiar with the language.
    "Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon." -- Alan Perlis

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    Default Re: Java NOOB Help.

    First, if this is for a class, no one would be given this program to write if they are brand new to Java. It requires a
    knowledge of Strings, ArrayLists, classes, methods, and more. Those would take at least several weeks in a class to cover
    the topics and employ them in other programs.

    Second, if this is really your first program, you are starting too big. You still have to learn the stuff mentioned above.

    Here is your first test. Focus on writing a method that validates email addresses when passed a string. Once done,
    you can incorporate it into the main program and not have to worry about that part. In other words, break up your
    assignment into manageable pieces.

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    Default Re: Java NOOB Help.

    Assuming you are not a complete noob, otherwise (as jim says) you wouldn't be doing this problem, you should simply work from the top down of that list of requirements.

    It's ordered so that you can step through each part and have valid code that compiles after each step (and remember to compile often).
    The first step (A) doesn't even involve code.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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