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    Default Avoid Null Pointer Exception when parsing XML file

    Good Morning,
    I am scripting a program which parses data from an XML file. Currently it works but if my program searches for a tag name that does not exist in the XML file that I am parsing, then I get a Null Pointer Exception. My question is if my program runs into a Null Pointer Exception i'd like to have my program continue to parse for the other tags. How?

    Sample of my Code:

    Java Code:
                                   String storeName = (eElement.getElementsByTagName("name").item(0).getTextContent());
    				if(errorCheck.storeNameError(storeName) == true){	//error checks if all chars in string are letters
    					System.out.println("Store Name : " + storeName.replaceAll("\\s+",""));//removes white space
    				String phoneNumber =( eElement.getElementsByTagName("phone").item(0).getTextContent());
    				if(errorCheck.phoneNumberError(phoneNumber)){//Checks validity of phone number
    					System.out.println("Phone Number : " + phoneNumber.replaceAll("\\s+",""));
    				String date = (eElement.getElementsByTagName("date").item(0).getTextContent());
    				if(errorCheck.dateError(date)){//Error checks date
    					System.out.println("Date : " + date.replaceAll("\\s+",""));

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    Default Re: Avoid Null Pointer Exception when parsing XML file

    You should check whether or not getElementsByTagName( ... ) returns null; btw. don't double post; I removed your duplicate thread again.

    kind regards,

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