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    Question How to refresh frame in different class


    I have a GUI window with a button.
    When hitting the button it does some commands and afterwards closes the window itself.
    Before closing I want to refresh a frame in a different class.
    How can I access that frame?


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    Default Re: How to refresh frame in different class

    To call a class's methods, the code needs a copy of the reference to that class's instance.
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    Default Re: How to refresh frame in different class

    Maybe this is a bit too much for your requirements, but I want to share my 2 anyway. Maybe you can think about it when your application is growing too big to keep references from everything to everything.

    For our application, I have developed an EventBus. In its simplest form, it's a subcriber/publisher pattern. In a nutshell, a component registers itself as a subscriber on the eventbus to be notified on certain events. The eventbus also has a publish method that publishes those events to all the registered listeners. This way, you don't need references all over the place, but you only need to publish the right event and all the registered components can react on that.
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