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    Default Protecting Source Code

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to figure out a good way to release a preliminary version of the code I've been working on. Because its mostly supposed to serve as a demo/example, and contains ongoing and possibly sensitive research information, I only want to export a run-nable demo, without the ability to view the source code, and save the open source release for when its all set and done.

    I've been searching around for a standard/safe way to do it, but I seem to only find results on how to get to the source code from for example jar files (which seems easy enough)...but I'm looking for the opposite. Is there a simple way to generate a java executable file without making the source code easily accessible/extractable? I thought that maybe jarring does that, but apparently its very easy to extract source from jars.

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    Default Re: Protecting Source Code

    Before you jar the code, you need to obfuscate your code. The purpose of obfuscation is to scramble your code with weird names, characters, (re)moving code so decompiling it will show only hard-to-read code.

    There are plenty tools around for obfuscation. I use yGuard (shameless plug: yGuard - Java Bytecode Obfuscator and Shrinker), which has the advantage that it fits nicely in our build with an Ant-task.

    Please note that, despite obfuscating, your code can still be read albeit very hard.
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    Default Re: Protecting Source Code

    @OP: there doesn't need to be any source code in a jar file; are you afraid the class files are decompiled?

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