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    Default Java on Sharepoint 2013

    See the attached file:

    1) How to remove/hide top part? Below code only remove left navigation.
    2) How to horizontally align my page to center of screen?
    3) How to write a html link to a share drive folder? I have tried all of them (html - How to create a hyperlink to shared network directory or file? - Stack Overflow), nothing works.


    .ms-core-navigation { DISPLAY: none }
    #contentBox { margin-left: 0px }
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    Default Re: Java on Sharepoint 2013

    Note: Java is not the same as javascript.
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    Default Re: Java on Sharepoint 2013

    Use Chrome or Firefox with the built in developer tools. You can point to an element on screen to see the corresponding HTML and CSS. Firefox+Firebug also does the job.
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