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    Default How do raw types of generic types show pregeneric behavior?

    Given a generic type Box like the following

    Java Code:
    class Box<T> {
      T methodThatTakesAndReturnsT(T t) {
        //... operate on t or something
        return t;
    we can create its raw type like

    Java Code:
    Box rawBox = new Box();
    Now from this tutorial,
    When using raw types, you essentially get pre-generics behavior a Box gives you Objects
    So from the println statement in the following code, I was expecting 'Object' to be printed.

    Java Code:
    public class RawTypeAndPreGenericBehavior {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		Box rawBox = new Box();
    		System.out.println(rawBox.methodThatTakesAndReturnsT("Some string.").getClass().getSimpleName()); 
    But it printed String.

    So what do they mean by the Box giving Object. How does this raw type show pre-generics behavior?

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    Default Re: How do raw types of generic types show pregeneric behavior?

    Calling getClass on a variable will give you the actual class of the object that variable references, not the class of the variable itself.
    Java Code:
    Object o = new MyClass();
    will give MyClass, and not Object.

    For your code, the way to see the raw type in action is:
    Java Code:
    String s = rawBox.methodThatTakesAndReturnsT("Some string.");
    which will give a compiler error as methodThatTakesAndReturnsT will be returning an Object, not a String.
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