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Thread: Some of the theory question.

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    Question Some of the theory question.

    Hello experts, this are some of the question given by my lecture. my fundamental for this are weak. i'm only good at hands on. i'm not sure if you people are able to help me with the question given below.

    1) A ______ is a process that verifies a single method performs its function as expected.

    a) unit test
    b) test harness
    c) test case
    d) breakpoint

    2) A ______ is a method coded to feed arguments to the unit test of a method.

    a) test case
    b) unit test
    c) breakpoint
    d) test harness

    3) Different types of test cases are used to test a program. Which of the following is NOT a test case for program testing?

    a) Boundary test case
    b) Driving test case
    c) Negative test case
    d) Positive test case

    4) When you make a change to an existing program, you will need to test the program against the set of past test cases. This testing process is called _________.

    a) program testing
    b) regression testing
    c) function testing
    d) method testing

    5) During program debugging, print statements may be inserted at some selected locations of a program to print out some messages that help in debugging the program. These messages are called ____________.

    a) output messages
    b) chat messages
    c) trace messages
    d) program comments

    6) Using trace messages to debug a program is not efficient. You may use a software called ____________ to debug a program to fix logic errors.

    a) tester
    b) debugger
    c) compiler
    d) interpreter

    7) A _______ can be set at a particular line of code in a program. When running the program in the debugger, the execution of the program will stop at the _______. Values of variables in the program can be inspected for spotting any error

    a) terminator
    b) breakpoint
    c) trace message
    d) test statement

    8) During program debugging, the _________ operation will cause the debugger to skip the detail execution of the current called method and move on to the next line of code in the existing method.

    a) Step Over
    b) Run
    c) Stay Put
    d) Step Into

    9) During program debugging, the _____________ operation will cause the debugger to show the statements it will execute within the called method one at a time.

    a) Run
    b) Step Into
    c) Step Over
    d) Stay Put

    10) During program debugging, the _________ displayed in the debugger shows the order in which methods have been called during the execution of the program.

    a) variables
    b) call stack
    c) output
    d) breakpoint

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    Default Re: Some of the theory question.

    My recommendation would be go over any notes you have from class and try and answer them yourself. I could provide you with most of the answers and make logical guesses at a few. But then you wouldn't really be learning anything. And if you are having problems, discuss this with your teacher.

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