Thank you to everyone for the answering the previous post. The replies are very helpful. For safeties sake I am borrowing and creating files from Java for Programmers written by Paul Deitel and Harvey M. Deitel.

Until I am more familiar with creating projects with Eclipse or Netbeans I am creating my own build directory and seeing how things work. As such my project directory now looks like the following:

---- /home/sherman/java-oop/payroll

---- /home/sherman/java-oop/payroll/build. This is where I placed the current .java file to be built and contains all the previously built .class files for reference.

---- /home/sherman/java-oop/payroll/source. This where only the .java files that can successfully create a .class file are kept. Also this is where I code the .java file

---- /home/sherman/java-oop/payroll/test. This is where I place a few test files that make the calls to the .class files. Presently I am placing the built .class files here as well so all the methods and variables can be found.

So I guess my question is where do I go from here? Is there a central location for the .class files within the Linux system? I am going by my previous PERL experience where I created a .pm file, placed the .pm file at the appropriate /usr/lib/perl/<version> location, and the performed use <some function from the .pm file>.

Thank you;