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    Default Make reference to method

    Java Code:
    public static void main(String [] args){
        int array [] = {3,4,8,34,67};
            for (int y : array){
        public static void addfive(int x []) {
        //why x.length instead of array.length?
        for (int i = 0; i < x.length ; i++){            
    Could anyone explain the parameter (int x []) in the method? My understanding is that it creates another object named x in the method of addfive, which is referenced to int array [], and it will put int array [0], int array [1] array [4] into int array [0], int array [1] array [4] once I call addfive(array). Is my understanding correct?

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    Default Re: Make reference to method

    Method addfive expects a reference to an array as parameter. It then performs some operations on that array. After that, the main method continues with the changed numbers.

    x.length is used because you want the length of x. The array "array" is defined in the main method and thus not in the scope of any other method. Array "array" in main and "x" in addfive both point to the same array. It does not create a new object.
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    Default Re: Make reference to method

    You are correct except it doesn't really create a new object. The int x[] is simply the type that is expected. So the array reference is passed to x where each array element is bumped by 5.

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