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    Default couple of questions on data structures and sorts.

    Hello, everyone I am new to the java world. I have a quick couple of questions that I need help with.

    I am currently working on a misson count program that reads from a file and then I am suppose to take that information from scanner and then store them into a data structure, so my question is what is the best data structure for storing strings in java? I also can't sort the data manually or use the collections.sort();. I'm to use to C#/c++ so I don't know where to start.

    I'm just struggling trying to figure out java and make it work any help would be appreciated.
    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.util.regex.Pattern;
    import java.util.Arrays;
    import java.util.*;
    public class MissionCount
        // returns an InputStream that gets data from the named file
        private static InputStream getFileInputStream(String fileName) throws Exception
        InputStream inputStream;
        try {
            inputStream = new FileInputStream(new File(fileName));
        catch (FileNotFoundException e) {       // no file with this name exists
            inputStream = null;
            throw new Exception("unable to open the file -- " + e.getMessage());
        return inputStream;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        if (args.length != 1) {
            System.out.println("USage: MissionCount <datafile>");
        try {
            InputStream log = getFileInputStream(args[0]);
            Scanner sc = new Scanner(log);
            while (sc.hasNext())
                String crewMember =;
                String mission =;
                  // Add code to read in the data and store it in a data structure here
            // Add code to print the report here
        }catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.println("Error: " + e.getMessage());

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    Default Re: couple of questions on data structures and sorts.

    It all depends on what you want to do with the Strings. A List implementation is fine for holding strings. So is a Set or a Map. A TreeSet automatically sorts the strings as they are added to the set.

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