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    Default While prompt answer is empty, or user pressed cancel?

    Hey Guys.
    I'm trying to make a website with an age restriction.
    When you log on you have to enter your name first, and for that I use a prompt window (Javascript), the problem here is that the user can easily get to the next line of code by simply pressing ''Cancel''.
    So I made this:
    while (userName === "" & userName === null); {
    userName = prompt("What's your name?")

    But after the user presses ''Cancel'' twice, the Javascript just stops entirely.
    Here's my entire code, including the HTML for the website. Ignore the HTML :)
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en-US">

    //Here I'll make a few variables for Javascript to work with.
    var accessGranted = false
    var userName
    var userNameConfirmed = false
    var userAge
    var userAgeConfirmed = false
    userName = prompt("What's your name?")
    //Now I'll make a while that has two conditions to run.
    while (userName === "" & userName === null); {
    userName = prompt("Hvad hedder du?")

    PLEASE HELP GUYS, I'm kinda new to Javascript... so bear over with me if I don't understand your comments :D

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    Default Re: While prompt answer is empty, or user pressed cancel?

    Javascript <> Java.

    However you have a rogue semi-colon at the end of your while loop:
    Java Code:
    while (userName === "" & userName === null);
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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