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    Default Java Application After Power Failure

    I have a java application that is being run as a Linux daemon process. It gets started on boot via an init script, and gets shutdown with the same script at shutdown. All works fine.... During unit testing, I ran it against a power failure condition, specifically, pulling the plug from the box.

    When the system boots up, I can see that the program is "running" and it has an attached PID, but if I probe the jvm for that PID using jconsole, none of my java classes are loaded nor are any of my threads running. From all I can tell, there is just a "ghost" program running. In order to clear it, I have to kill the PID and restart.

    Any idea what is going on? Any idea as to how to resolve so that the application successfully starts after a power failure?

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    Default Re: Java Application After Power Failure

    Have you got any logs for your process?
    If not then I suggest trying to set some up, especially on the start up side, so you can at least see if it is doing anything.
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