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    Default function that returns a map <String,Object>, and using that Object as an String

    I'm writing a function called simpleRequest that requests a page and returns its response, http code and cookies via a HashMap:

    Java Code:
    public static Map<String, Object> simpleRequest(String url, String postQuery, List<String> cookies) throws Exception {
    Inside it, there's a HTTPs connection declared like this:

    Java Code:
    HttpsURLConnection con = (HttpsURLConnection)myurl.openConnection();
    Then I do this to return the values:

    Java Code:
    List<String> rCookies = con.getHeaderFields().get("Set-Cookie");
        String responseCode = Integer.toString(con.getResponseCode());
        String responseMessage = con.getResponseMessage();
        Map<String,Object> r = new HashMap<String,Object>();
        if (responseCode.equals("302")){
          r.put("location", con.getHeaderFields().get("Location").get(0));
    Here, return(r) is the return of the function simpleRequest. I need to input some of these informations into a new simpleRequest() call, like this:

    Java Code:
    Map<String,Object> do_login = simpleRequest(page_url, query, null);
    Map<String,Object> first_screen = simpleRequest(do_login.get("location"), new String(), do_login.get("cookies"));
    The first call, called do_login, will return a Map with a new location and cookies, which I'm trying to insert into simpleRequest again, as you can see in first_screen. Here's the error:

    Java Code: error: method simpleRequest in class Main cannot be applied to given types;                   
        Map<String,Object> first_screen = simpleRequest(do_login.get("location"), new String(), do_login.get("cookies"
      required: String,String,List<String>                                                                            
      found: Object,String,Object                                                                                     
      reason: actual argument Object cannot be converted to String by method invocation conversion
    I can't understand what's happening, since I thought it was returning the right values...

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    Default Re: function that returns a map <String,Object>, and using that Object as an String

    Quote Originally Posted by guerlando View Post
    required: String,String,List<String>
    found: Object,String,Object
    Check out the error message. The call to Map.get will return an Object and yet your method expects a String for the first parameter and a List<String> as the third parameter.

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    Default Re: function that returns a map <String,Object>, and using that Object as an String

    Instead of using a Map I would suggest creating a simple class that contains the three things you need, 2 Strings for the response and responseCode and a List<String> for the cookies.
    This will save you having to cast anything and it will ensure the correct types are passed around.
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