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    Question Help with ArrayLists for extremely confused noob

    I am trying to develope a program with the following criteria. I've read the book and asked professor for help, but never got a reply. I know that I'm going to need to make a ArrayList as well as use swtich, but not sure where to start. I'm using my materials but only get more confused. Can someone explain what I'm supposed to do here? I'm not asking for exact code, but maybe a better explanation of what I need to do. Here is a small portion of what I'm trying to attempt:

    B. Create a program that converts the array of Strings shown above to an ArrayList of Student objects. For the Student object class, do the following.
    1. Include the following instance variables that describe each student:
    student ID
    first name
    last name
    e-mail address
    array of grades
    2. Include the following methods in the Student class:
    a. an accessor (i.e., getter) for each instance variable from part B1
    b. a mutator (i.e., setter) for each instance variable from part B1

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    Default Re: Help with ArrayLists for extremely confused noob

    Think of it: each String in your array should contain enough information to build a Student object from (e.g. ID, first name, last name etc). You should build a method that disects a String in useable parts and builds a single Student object out of it; once you have that method, the rest is peanuts:

    Java Code:
    List<Student> students= new ArrayList<Student>();
    for (String studentString : stringArray)
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    Default Re: Help with ArrayLists for extremely confused noob

    Have you created the Student class?
    That would be my first step.
    Just handle B1 and ensure it compiles.
    Nothing more.
    Then do B2.
    No point worrying about the conversion stuff until you have the basic blocks in place.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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