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    Red face Java program using Bank Class

    Create object of Bank class and test above methods from main method in BankDemo class

    1. Declare Bank class with below attributes:
    a. Balance float
    Write below methods in this class.
    depositMoney(depostAmount) // adds amount to balance
    withdrawMoney(withdrawAmount) // subtracts amount from balance
    calculateInterest(interestPercentage) // calculates interest and adds to balance
    displayDetails() //displays the balance details

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    Default Re: Java program using Bank Class

    Do you have a question? And just so you know, we won't provide you code. Just help you debug your program.

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    Arrow Error when this program is run.pls help

    public class ItemDemo {

    public static void main(String []args)
    {double n;
    Item ob[]=new Item[5];
    ob[0]=new Item(1,"BOX",100,10);
    ob[1]=new Item(2,"CRAYON",200,20);
    ob[2]=new Item(3,"SCALE",10,2);
    ob[3]=new Item(4,"BAG",600,100);
    ob[4]=new Item(5,"SUITCASE",1500,200);
    ob[5]=new Item(6,"POUCH",200,60);
    System.out.println("Least price is" +ob[(int) n].getItemName());

    public static double getLeastPriceItem(Item ob[])
    {double p[]=new double[5];
    double d[]=new double[5];
    int i;
    p[i] = ob[i].getItemPrice();
    d[i] = p[i] - (ob[i].getItemDiscount() * 0.01 * p[i]);}
    double smallest = d[0];
    {if (d[i] < smallest)
    smallest = d[i];
    return smallest;}}}

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    Default Re: Java program using Bank Class

    That code is not a solution to any part of the problem in your first post.

    Also, when posting code you should wrap it in [code] tags [/code].
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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    Default Re: Java program using Bank Class

    "It's not fixed until you stop calling the problem weird and you understand what was wrong." - gimbal2 2013

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