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    Default Part Number Cross Reference Question and Answer


    I need help with something that I am not sure where to begin on.

    Basically, what I need is a input field, where a user can enter a part number and, if the part number is recognized, returned will be an "answer" in the form of a some text, a photo and a hyperlink.

    I will have 50 part numbers in total. Does anyone know of where I should start on something like this/have any resources you could point me to? I have not had any luck in searching for solutions thus far.

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    Default Re: Part Number Cross Reference Question and Answer

    Since you mention "hyperlink" I assume this is a browser based front end?

    So that means a web server at the other end that will respond to the results.
    Where do you plan on putting the list of part numbers and their associated data?

    I (personally) usually start with the data, but then I tend to work back end, and come from a data background.

    You could work up the front end in HTML first. (1)
    Then look into having Javascript make an Ajax call (JQuery is good for that). (2)
    Then set up a web server that handles that call, maybe returning a dummy record. (3)
    Then produce the lookup code...which is where you'll need to pick how you are storing it. (4)

    You could, of course, start with (3) instead, or (4)...(1) and (2) will probably go hand in hand.
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