Hello users,

Can you advice me with the following situation?

I need to create an application as standalone which has the following constraints:

1. has to read multiple XML files and display the data as an excel-like format - therefore I would need some great APIs for datagrid,cells and so on, which at least to be close to Excel functionalities for tables)
2. the user must be able to modify the displayed data using functionalities like in Excel (as much as possible) and the XML files to be saved in the same time.
3. XML files are located on the user's drive
4. The data from XML is somehow big - it can have up to 3-4 MB/xml file. Therefore, I would not need to have problems with column or cell rendering and performance.
5. The GUI must have the possiblity to offer Tab Panels in a "Perspective" view (for further development) like on an Eclipse framework. Every XML data must be displayed on a single Tab and to be viewed by switching tabs.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned, I was thinking to develop it based on Eclipse RCP Framework for having multiple benefits of GUI Architecture and other ideas of further development.

What do you think?Can you suggest me another idea?

What about the excel-like API? Is there an open source framework which I can use it with RCP to be able to create a good Grid like in Excel?

For other details I can answer. I am looking forward to receiving your advice.

Thank you very much!