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    Default Make a Koobits like Application in Java Bean

    Hi, I new to this forum..

    I have a question about making Koobit Like App (KooBits - Engaging the Digital Kids) using Java Bean.
    1. Where to start and what kind of the keyword to do? If there is example will be nice and to me.
    2. Should I use JavaFX or just use JFrame to get beautiful interface (UI/UX)?

    Thanks in advanced..

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    Default Re: Make a Koobits like Application in Java Bean

    We might want to move this towards the "New to Java" section. As for your questions:

    1. This forum usually assumes that there is already a certain basis we can talk about. Most participants are reluctant to hand out readily made code.

    2. The question about the GUI framework is whether you use Swing/AWT or JavaFx. JFrame is an object. The answer probably depends on what you are trying to do. JavaFx is the newer framework, it solves many issues of Swing/AWT, offers easy solutions for many applications, runs on most Platforms, but the support is limited because acceptance is still limited. Question was whether it would not make more sense in this specific case to run this application over a webserver-browser solution. This way the kids do not have to run installations.

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