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    Default override/hide a final method in super class.

    Java Code:
    class Father(){
        final void func(){..} 
    Java Code:
    class Son extends Father(){
        void func(){
    my question is:
    1) since func() in the class Father is final, it can't be override, is it correct in grammar for us to define the void func() in the Son class?
    2) if so, is this called hide?

    why do I ask this question, coz, the father here is actually HibernateDaoSupport, it has a final method: setSessionFactory()
    if I want want to use it, like

    Java Code:
    class MyDao extends HibernateDaoSupport{
              SessionFactory sessionFactory;
              setSessionFactory(SessionFactor sessionFactory){

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    Default Re: override/hide a final method in super class.

    In your earlier example you would get a compiler error because you are attempting to override an inherited final method. Why did you repost the question?

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    Default Re: override/hide a final method in super class.

    I've closed the other thread.

    Why do you want to Override setSessionFactory (which you can't, but the question still stands)?
    In your example you are not doing anything with it.
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