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    Question Write the code in console

    My professor told me that the assignment must be done using the console.

    I really don't know how I should do that. I am using bluej to write my codes.And I downloaded java development kit.

    Does anybody can help me here?

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    Default Re: Write the code in console

    System.out.print statements write to the console.

    The Scanner class can read from the console by using the the Scanner class's constructor.
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    Default Re: Write the code in console

    To add to Norm's remark (see above): that only works if you start your Java class with the 'java.exe' program (if you are on Windows); the javaw.exe program doesn't use a console; so, start your class in a console as 'java YourClass' and you are in business ...

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    Default Re: Write the code in console

    Hmm, when I first read this I thought the teacher wanted them to use the console to write the code using the console
    and CLI (as opposed to an IDE). This would force them to use a text editor and understand packages and class locations.

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