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    Default Phone?

    I am very new to Java. I just bought "Head First Java" to help me learn. Is there any way I could have code that when something happens, i get a message on my phone?

    For example:

    send a message to my phone}

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    It all depends on what you mean by "when something happens." That implies an event (e.g. your home heater turns on, you get an email, your phone rings, etc.). But in any case, you would probably have to be familiar with both Android programming and whatever JVM system generates the event. None of this is trivial and would require lots of study and practice. So I recommend you read the basics to learn Java first.

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    AS Jim says, the whole scenario is a little more complex than the programming language behind it. You first have to define the purpose of the setup, then the hardware and the network you want to use for that application. The programming language is then determined by your hardware, whether Java is one of the options is not guaranteed.

    If you are looking for a quick and dirty solution just to get your feet wet, I would check out, these components have a Java driver/API and they have a lot of examples for starter solutions. If you want to have access to the process via you Android phone there is a solution for that as well (check this) together with some fun application examples.

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    Default Re: Phone?

    Quote Originally Posted by BMJ2013 View Post
    when something happens, i get a message on my phone?
    'something happens' implies a sensor of some sort and a (text) 'message' means a device that can communicate over (at least) a G2 network; for the latter, google for 'sim 900'. For sensors, you have to supply some more detail. With a simple serial connection, you can program a sim 900 in Java; it depends on what sensor you want to use whether or not Java can do it ...

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