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    Default Complex if to test multiple values

    Untill now – everything works well. I do not know how would be situation when linked to jar.
    Yesterday I asked about if .. break, but it should be like if…return.
    Java Code:
    if (JF.ind==0) {JF.label.setText("You should wright file");
    Really I do not want to create new thread so want to ask how to check briefly if (JF.ind==0,1,2,3…) should I use additional (JF.ind==1), or there is something shorter like
    if (JF.ind=={0,1,2,3}).

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    Default Re: What is the sense of invokeLater()

    check briefly if (JF.ind==0,1,2,3…
    Test for each value in a subexpression and use an OR to connect the tests into a single expression
    Another way if the values are contiguous is to test >= lowest and <= highest value.
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