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    Default Passing values along from one object to another?

    I'm trying to develop a game where you have to guess a number. If the guess is correct, you earn points, which allows you to purchase chance modifiers and earn a higher score.

    I have objects for a main menu, the game itself, a currency checker, and the shop.

    The issue I'm running into is having objects recognize the amount of currency earned. I'm sure there is a simple remedy to this; however, what I have attempted is a public int class that stores values to be shared amongst other objects, but I can't tie it into my existing objects.

    Any suggestions on a solution to this?

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    Default Re: Passing values along from one object to another?

    Can you post some sample code that shows what you are trying to do and the problem you are having?

    If an object of a class is holding values that you want code in another class to see, add a getter method to the class with the value and call it from the class that wants to see the value.
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