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Thread: Where to Start?

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    Default Where to Start?

    I have recently become interested in Java and I have decided to learn it. I have created an environment for myself and all I need now is to code, but I'm unsure where to start, please suggest some tutorials for me to learn from and something to develop as a starting block for me.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Where to Start?

    If you want to make your life a happy place you buy a good (e-)book for novices.

    If you want to continuously scratch your head and lose a lot of hair, then there are the Java tutorials.

    Perhaps you're the kind of person who does better by looking and listening to videos, then Youtube has plenty of material such as the New Boston. I can't really recommend this for learning basic programming, it requires a lot of patience and sitting still to learn this stuff from videos. But it may be a good backup for when you get stuck and you need to see it in action:

    Nothing beats school, but the next best thing is a good book IMO. Decide for yourself if you want to invest in your own success or not.
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