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    Default question on overriding or polymorphism?

    I don't know if my question is related to overriding or polymorphism hence looking forward for someone advise.

    Refer to the following coding,

    Java Code:
            Father f=new Father();
  ;             // display father's eat()
            Son s=new Son();
  ;             // display Son's eat()
            Father x=new Son();
  ;	         // display Son's eat()

    It is learned that

    Son s=new Son();;


    Father x=new Son();;

    would display the same result, then I wonder why some tutorial are mentioned about using

    Father x=new Son();;

    instead of using

    Son s=new Son();;


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    Default Re: question on overriding or polymorphism?

    It can be useful to reference a bunch of different subclasses by either their superclass type or by a common interface they have implemented. It is usually the case when you want to invoke the same method on a list of those subclasses. The list is stored as either a superclass type or the common interface type.

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