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    Question Java Read and Write

    Hi community!

    I am totally new to java. I would like to ask if it is possible to make a simple program with this language. The program should read a .txt file and extract in a new .txt any words matches my criteria.
    Criteria should be a specific array of characters before the word i want to copy.

    Old txt:
    <div class="title">
    <a href=
    "/word1/"> abc</a>

    <div class="title">
    <a href=
    "/randomletters/"> abc</a>

    <div class="title">
    <a href=
    "/copythat/"> abc</a>

    New txt:
    Is that practicability for someone that has never programmed before to do this? Or its a waste of time?

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    Default Re: Java Read and Write

    Yes, it's possible. You could start here: The Java™ Tutorials

    Once you are comfortable with the basics, search for a Java HTML parser and use it to extract the hyperlinks.

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