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    Default help with using string class

    So I'm new to programming and our first assignment is to write a poem in JGrasp

    1 horse stomping

    2 “monkeys swinging”

    12 phones ringing

    4 (=2+2) dancers twirling

    5 doctors hurling
    this is how I started out

    public class project one{
    public static void main (string[] args).{
    system.out.println("1 horse stomping");

    I complied it and I already have 3 errors
    I don't know where I went wrong

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    Default Re: help with using string class

    I already have 3 errors
    Please copy the full text of the error messages and paste it here. It has important info about the error.

    Also please edit you post and wrap the code in code tags.
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    Default Re: help with using string class

    Read (and bookmark!) this link: Java Platform SE 8 it describes all classes and interfaces available to you. See if it contains a 'system' class (it doesn't). Java is very picky on the case of classes, methods and everything ...

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