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    Default Deployment with opencv library and external C program

    I've created a desktop Java program, using Eclipse, that uses opencv. Opencv is a C++ library that has Java extensions, and I added it to the project as an external library JAR. This program also uses another program, written in C, that is accessed by commands line, one I call using Java's Process library from the Java code.

    Now I'd like to try deploying this program. I've read a variety of posts and articles on deploying Java, and this subject appears to be anything but specific. I'm starting to feel like making this program distributable will be more time consuming than creating it. I've read about Ant, Maven, IzPack, and numerous other tools, but I'm still pretty confused.

    What I know is, and correct me if I'm wrong, I need to compile the Java code into a JAR file, put it in a folder with the external library opencv JAR file and the C program, add the external JAR to the class path, and somehow create an installer file that will reconcile where this folder is at on the user's system and communicate that to the Java program, allowing it to find the C program and update the user's class path.

    Am I at all close with this conceptual understanding?

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    Default Re: Deployment with opencv library and external C program


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