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    Default How should I go about learning Java?

    Hi everyone

    So I decided to finally learn this wonderful language. I'm working my way through these tutorials currently:

    The Java™ Tutorials

    But after them, I don't know where to look next. I want to slowly develop my knowledge with the overall aim being able to use LWJGL and OpenGL to create 3D FPS games (obviously that's the goal in the long long run).


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    Default Re: How should I go about learning Java?

    Tutorials on making games and also downloading stuff from Github. There is a person on YouTube named Derek Banas I recommend to listen to when you are tired of reading and he even discusses a basic game in his early videos. There is a lot of stuff available for free on learning Java everything.
    Everything great is a challenge and all the greats were challenged at one time just like us.

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