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    Default Split a string

    I am working on a countdown timer and am trying to figure out how to split a string so it will read hours, minutes, and seconds. The format I want is for the numbers to be split by ":" and ",". So if the user enters 15:30 or 15,30 it would store as 15 minutes and 30 seconds. If the user enters nothing it would be set to 0. I have instance variables for hours, minutes and seconds. So, my question is how do I use the split command correctly in this instance?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Split a string

    Check out the split command of the String class. You will need to use the regular expression "[:,]" as the split delimiter. You should also read about regex patterns in the Pattern class. It is pretty certain you will encounter them in the future.

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    Default Re: Split a string

    Or use the simple indexOf( ... ) method:

    Java Code:
    int p= string.indexOf(',');
    if (p < 0) p=string.indexOf(':');
    if (p >= 0) {
       String mins= string.substring(0, p);
       String secs= string.substring(p+1);
       /* not a mm:ss or mm,ss string */
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    Default Re: Split a string

    This video will be very enlightening for you and it is short.
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