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    Default Please give me Java Book Recommendations

    I want to buy a book for my son and I have heard Head First Java recommended a lot so I was about to purchase that from Amazon when I noticed there is a lot of books, a couple of them over 100 bucks. I haven't actually bought a programming book in more than 15 years so can someone recommend a great first programming book in Java? Price isn't the point at all I want the best first book for a very smart kid
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    Default Re: Please give me Java Book Recommendations

    let me steer you away from a book in order to get him hooked:

    go to and get a course for him. I made very good experiences with their courses and they have a way to get the kids involved and wanting more. We used the minecraft mod course - it creates modifications to the game and has the kids launch/use it, which makes the experience real (better than number guessing games that nobody can relate to). They have a good staff of teachers online that will help the kids.

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