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    Default Question about a generic method

    So I have to create a method that takes 2 arguments ( one an array, the other an element) and then verifies if the element is in the array. However an error in eclipse and don't know how to solve it...
    Java Code:
    package qu2;
    public class gen<E> {
    	public void  test(E[] ob, E obj){
    		for(int i = 0; i<ob.length; i ++){
    			if(obj.getClass() == ob[i]);
    				System.out.println("Obj at index " + i + "is in the array");
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
    		String[] str = {"mine", "yours", "minetoo"};
    		String yours = "mine";
    		test(str, yours); // ERROR IS HERE
    Eclipse says "The method test(E[], E) in the type gen<E> is not applicable for the arguments (String[], String)"

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    Default Re: Question about a generic method

    The real issue is that you're trying to access a non-static method from the static context of a main(..) method.

    Unless you're specifically tasked to reinvent the wheel, the goal can be achieved using Arrays#asList(...) and List#contains(...) or by using Arrays#sort(...) and Arrays#binarySort(...).

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    Default Re: Question about a generic method

    You have other problems too.

    1. A semi colon after the if statement.
    2. Comparing the class of the object to the object (you probably want to use equals here anyway, not == for string comparisons).

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