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    Default How to understand interaction of Java Classes

    If you instantiate a Cat class which extends from Animal and Animal and Cat both have instance and static methods. On Cat instance you can call Animal's methods as well as Cat's methods. How do you keep track of all that trail in your head? I understand you can look at the documentation but is therea simple method of memorising the trail that OO developer's use?

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    Default Re: How to understand interaction of Java Classes

    Yes. You may call either protected or public methods that are declared in the super class (in your case Animal). Just by using the classes over again do you get a sense of what methods are available. I have been doing this for quite a while and still rely on the documentation for those classes I don't use very often.

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    Default Re: How to understand interaction of Java Classes

    This is one of the most important topics in OOP, not just Java so there's framework in place for just this purpose. Animal is the superclass you won't call Animal directly but rather derive a Cat from an Animal object. You create contracts how to implement Animal class by using abstract methods within the Animal class so now the Cat class must override them in order to be an Animal. A lot of the things you learn in programming protect us from the human factor or aid us in finding our human borne errors.

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