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    Default append csv file?

    Hello, I am trying to add to a file without overwriting what I have written into it beforehand. I believe this is called "appending" --where you add to a file but don't overwrite. I'm curious about how to append in Java, I understand how to do it in C but I'm not sure how to go about it here. I was going to start having Java input user information into cell (14,3) however the 13 rows before that are occupied with information. If I simply type in what I have for println those rows will be overwritten with spaces. My question is how can I avoid this? How can I append a .csv file?

    Java Code:
    public class CsvFileWriter {
       public static void main(String[] args){
           String fileName = "out.csv";
            PrintWriter outputStream=new PrintWriter(fileName);
            outputStream.println("\n\n ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stuff,should,be,in,different,columns"); //successfully puts things in different columns
            outputStream.close();//flushes data to file
            System.out.println("CSV Success");
        catch(FileNotFoundException e){
        System.out.printf("YOU MESSED UP");

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    Default Re: append csv file?

    Look at the FileOutputStream class's constructors. One has an append option.
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    Default Re: append csv file?

    And PrintWriter has a constructor that accepts an OutputStream :)

    So you need to see how to put the two together.
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