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    Default Java - How to save user settings/configurations?

    I have written a javafx program, where the user can open a text file, the text file gets stored in a dynamic tableview and the user can add rows/columns, delete rows/columns, convert columns, move columns, change cell value...etc.
    How can I save all the user settings/configurations, so that for the next time the user has only to choose the source text-file and the configurations-file and it will be converted automatically..

    I don't even know how/where to start..

    I have searched for answers, but didn't found anything helpful...
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    Default Re: Java - How to save user settings/configurations?

    There are several ways to do it. One is to store the configurations settings in a serialized object. This is rather advanced so I mention it just for reference. The other would be to store them in an XML file (less advanced). The simplest way is probably to store them in a text file in some format of your choosing. For example:


    Then just read in the text file and apply the attributes as though the user had supplied them.

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