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    Angry One of my first scripts

    Hi, so this is one of my first scripts. Its supposed to be able to print the first 20 fibonicci numbers. It seems that I am doing something wrong!

    Java Code:
    class HelloWorldApp {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        String currentVal;
        String current;
        double[] myList = new double[20];
        myList[0] = 1.0;
        myList[1] = 1.0;
        for (int i=3; i<21; i++) {
          myList[i-1] = myList[i-2] + myList[i-3];
        for (int i=0; i<20; i++)
          currentVal = String.valueOf(i+1);
          current = String.valueOf(myList[i]);
          System.out.println(currentVal + " fibonicci number is: " + current);
    Java Code: error: cannot find symbol
          current = String.valueOf(myList[i]);
      symbol:   variable i
      location: class HelloWorldApp
    1 error
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: One of my first scripts

    The code you posted has 16 lines but the compiler error is on line 18. If you want to get help, you need to post the code that actually led to that error.

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    Default Re: One of my first scripts

    Your use of { }s is not consistent. You should always use { } to wrap code that is inside of a loop or if statement.
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