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    Default How to put OpenCSV into netbeans?

    So, there is a library called Open CSV which allows people to make CSV files a lot easier. I have found that this library doesn't exist in netbeans(possibly eclipse as well). I found that I needed to download it and somehow put OpenCSV into netbeans but I'm not exactly sure how I would go about adding that library? What folder would I put a library in?

    opencsv ? General

    ^ the link I am referring to regarding OpenCSV

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    Default Re: How to put OpenCSV into netbeans?

    Your probject will probably have a lib-folder defined somewhere. Check your project settings for the location. That's the place to drop the jar.
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    Default Re: How to put OpenCSV into netbeans?

    NetBeans: Right-click the Project -> Properties -> select the Libraries node.

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    Default Re: How to put OpenCSV into netbeans?

    A Google for "netbeans add library" gives many easy to follow results (even youtube videos so you can even see what to click). Google still is your best friend for basic "how to do this" questions. And since there will be a million "how to do this" questions in your future, I'd really get on board with doing such simple searches to answer your questions.
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