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    Default Basic question on When a class extends a class and implements an interface

    I have a class which extends a class and implements an interface. Within the class, I am trying to invoke a method which expects an object of the extended class as the first argument, but when I do so, I get the compiler error that "The constructor Intent(MainActivity.DrawerItemClickListener, Class<MyPreferencesActivity>) is undefined".

    Java Code:
    public class MainActivity extends FragmentActivity implements DrawerLayout.DrawerListener {
            Intent intent = new Intent(this, MyPreferenceActivity.class); //*****error***
    This tells me the implemented interface is getting precedence over the extended class, but I want to call this constructor ofcourse.

    So the question is that is there a way to change this behavior, that is to force (an object of the) MainActivity class to consider itself an instance of FragmentActivity, before considering itself an DrawerLayout.DrawerListener?

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    Default Re: Basic question on When a class extends a class and implements an interface

    I think you neglected to mention or show that the uncompilable line is inside an inner class.

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