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    Default Testing a Website

    How do I go about testing if a webpage directs me to the correct site using TestNG or Junit?

    For example, suppose I am on the facebook webpage and when I type in my username and password I want to test that it directs me to the create webpage and doesn't redirect me to a different webpage or to test to see if the webpage is designed differently than what I wanted, etc.

    I know that this will be exception handling but I am wondering the specific code/structure.

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    Default Re: Testing a Website

    You didn't bother to reply to gimbal2 and jim829's responses on your earlier thread. Not the best way to continue to get help on a forum, that.

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    Default Re: Testing a Website

    " Don't abandon Selenium", would be my response to this. JUnit and TestNG are not designed to do these kind of tests.
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    Default Re: Testing a Website

    I would recommend Geb for web driven testing. We have gained considerable mileage with in on the project I work on at work.

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