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Thread: problem after to compile

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    Default problem after to compile

    I have a little problem,
    I made a simple program that opens a database and shows the code client.
    This program works perfectly in netbeans but when I compile and I try to use it doesn't work. nothing happens.
    I also copied the libraries used in the directory lib and in the root directory .
    what could be the problem?

    Thanks, I'm a noob in Java.

    Thanks a lot
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    Default Re: problem after to compile

    If nothing happens, that means the application does work and does nothing. If something was broken, you'd get rather impressive errors.
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    Default Re: problem after to compile

    Please be more specific how you compile and run your program. Maybe you got someting wrong. Also be more specific how exactly your program works and what "shows the code client" means.
    Without further details, it's rather hard to help you. You could also "debug" your application in netbeans, but as you say it works in netbeans, that's rather strange, so at the moment I can only assume something else is wrong and the program was somehow not or not properly running. Maybe you need to set a program parameter? Posting your code would also help.


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