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    I have an English Windows version and access a Java application with javaws. I get a dot for the decimal separator, but I need to have the European comma for the decimal separator. I tried:
    - change format, location and locale in Windows settings to Dutch/Netherlands => no difference
    - change decimal separator to command in Windows settings to comma => no difference
    - file with user.language=nl => no difference
    - javaws -J-Duser.language=nl => no difference (java -Duser.language=nl does work)
    - set JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and JAVA_OPTIONS to user.language=nl => no difference
    - set _JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and _JAVA_OPTIONS to user.language=nl => no difference
    - in Java Control Panel under Java > View > User add runtime parameter user.language=nl => no difference
    When I use a completely Dutch version of Windows, I do get a comma for the decimal separator. With an English Windows version how can I specify language/locale so that javaws will use a comma for the decimal separator?
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