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    Default De Morgan's Laws for Boolean algebra

    I am quite new to Java and am having trouble with this task and was wandering if anyone can help,

    I have attached the question,

    thank you for the help,

    from MegaGreekDude
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    Default Re: De Morgan's Laws for Boolean algebra

    Do you have any specific java programming questions?
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    Default Re: De Morgan's Laws for Boolean algebra

    It seems pretty clear to me. First, with which task (8 or 9) are you having problems? If task, 8, I suggest you break it down into smaller pieces.
    For example, in task 8.i, a < b || c != d, determine the true or false values for a < b and c != d independently. Then apply those to the || operator using an OR truth table ( I presume you know what that is).

    For task 9, simply use the Java values of NOT, AND, and OR to write the expressions in some Java code. The left side and the right side should be equal regardless of the values of a and b.

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