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    Default Compiling Java src with gradle

    Hello JavaForums community.

    Me and my bud have developed a Java based game. He's the programer and im the designer. However, he's now on a vacantion and he sended to me the sources and explaned to me how to compile it if i change something. He set-up all for me so it's compiling with a simple click over file called "gradle.bat". gradle.bat is located in a directory and there is a "src" folder where the sources are located. When i run the file it says that it's compiled successfully, but there's nothing inside the build folder. So what possibly i can do wrong when all i have to do is to run that file ? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Compiling Java src with gradle

    Perhaps there is a bin folder somewhere (at the same level as the src folder). It may be in there.

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    Default Re: Compiling Java src with gradle

    theBoolean: If you have a job to offer, we have a Jobs Offered section. Do NOT offer payment in the technical sections.


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