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    Default Pop Up to all active users


    Would you please let me know , how can a pop up trigger from java web application to all active users to broadcast something?

    Thanks, Dinesh.

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    Default Re: Pop Up to all active users

    My understanding of HTTP is that the browser(client) can only get a response from the server if it sends a request to the server, so I don't believe the server can 'initiate' a message to clients unless a request has been made from the browser.

    I'm not an expert in web development, but, just thinking about it, you may be able to have your clients constantly ask the server for data using a timed AJAX call that repeatedly makes a request every x minutes/seconds/whatever to the server to essentially ask 'do you have any broadcast messages for me', and have your server setup to respond to that request, but I guess it depends on where these broadcast messages you want to send are coming from and how they are generated.

    In thinking about it, it wouldn't be efficient at all, but that's the only way I can think of to try to achieve what it is you're trying to do, but maybe some people with more web development experience can chime in.

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