Hi! I'm a beginner at programming and I need your help with a school project :p
Also, please excuse my english (I'm French and I'm here because my teacher goes on forums to spy on her students to make sure they don't get all their work done by someone else haha)

So basically my project consists in making a camping manager program. But right now, my problem is : I would like to check the availability of a camping lot for a given period of time. For example, a customer called customer wants the lot #23 on the 165th day of the year ===>
XML Code:
Reservation r = new Reservation(23,"customer",165)
and I want to check if the lot #23 is available on that day.
I have a class Lot that has 1 parameter: int lotNumber. I thought of adding one more parameter such as :
Java Code:
boolean available
initialized with the value true so when I add a first reservation (
Java Code:
) it then changes to false but only for a specific period of time.

I am really confused with how to do this and I hope I have been clear enough for you guys to understand me and help me x)

Thank you in advance!