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    Default Real Time Updating When New Value is Received

    Hi all,

    I'm learning Java programming, so go easy on me. I have a variable that is sent to a txt file in my webserver. I am able to retrieve this variable from the txt file using html and refreshing the webpage shows this new variable. Now, I would like to update the webpage in real-time using Java. In other words every time that my txt file in my webserver receives a new value for my variables, I want the webpage to refresh using Java.

    I am sending the variable values to a webpage using the PHP command _GET. Then the script writes this value to a txt file. Everything works fine, but it doesn't get updated in real time. I have to refresh the browser or do the META=REFRESH every 5 seconds. I don't want to use the META method since I would like to use a Java program to do this.

    Is Java the best way to achieve this? Can you guide me in the right direction? Any sample code will be very helpul.

    Thank you,

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