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    Default Untrackable Windows issue with browser plugin

    I manage a small company through our bank's online system, that uses java, but I can't access it through any browser , they all give the same issue; after I choose the certificate file on my PC, nothing happens.

    If i dual boot Ubuntu on my PC it works, so it's clearly something with the Windows installation.

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum, I have been trying to solve this it's been weeks.

    Things tried :

    - Reinstall Java, multiple times
    - Clean anything Java and Oracle related in my PC (except registry, I don't know how to fuzz with that)
    - Different browsers

    I hope someone can help me in some way

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    Default Re: Untrackable Windows issue with browser plugin

    Nope. All you provide is information that tells you have a problem. There is nothing here that could give any kind of indication what problem that might be. You should be contacting the support of your bank since its their applet that is failing.
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