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    Default How to import a spring application

    I have imported several maven projects but I am trying to import a spring project via eclipse and it is not displaying. I did the following file->import->Existing maven projects->browse (found my project)->finish..... The project does not display and I cannot find it. I tired to do it again and the project cannot import because I cannot select it meaning it is already installed.


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    Default Re: How to import a spring application

    My process when importing a Maven project into Eclipse, and also IntelliJ, is to select File->Open and then select the top level pom.xml file to open. This seems to be enough for it to recognise that it's a Maven project and will open up the whole project for me.

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    Default Re: How to import a spring application

    Yep me too. That is assuming the project is a Maven multi-module project.

    But I wonder what "project does not display" means. It doesn't end up in the projects view at all?

    Also: if you perform a mvn clean install on the project in a command prompt, does that work without errors?
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