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Thread: Array question

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    Default Array question

    Hey guys,

    So this is not a question about HOW to make arrays, but more how to do the following instruction:

    Create an array of 10 cell phones. All these cell phones must be initialized with
    proper values; that is: brand, price & serial number. You must use the copy
    constructor to create some of these objects

    How would I go about to do this? I know I can create an array of object from my class like this

    Java Code:
    Cellphone[] cellphoneArr = new Cellphone[10];
    but then would I have to initialize 5 of them and then use the copy constructor to copy the 5 others? Or is there any faster way to do this? For instance create 5 then use a loop to copy the first 5 into the 5 left?

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    Default Re: Array question

    That seems a bit vague as a requirement, but it could mean simply create one Cellphone (which will go into slot 0 possibly) and then use a copy constructor to fill the other 9 slots, in a loop.
    It doesn't say how many unique values should be used.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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