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Thread: Parameter help?

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    Default Parameter help?

    I am creating a program to simulate a store. I have several methods listed below that imitate a customer arriving to the store, and a customer departing the store. I have a simulate method that simulates the entire store day. In my simulate() method under in the departure part, I cannot figure out how to call the number of the cashier for the parameter. I call the customerDeparts() method line 111, 112 and need two parameters, num of cashier, and currentTime. Any ideas on how to call the value of the cashier? Thanks.

    Java Code:
         * Customer to cashier
         * @param number of cashier
        private void customerToCashier (int num){
            //Move first customer to cashier
            if(inLine.size() > 0){
                cashiers[num] = inLine.remove(0);
            //Update customers served
            customersServed ++;
            //Update total wait time
            waitTime += currentTime - cashiers[num].getArrivalTime();
            //Future time for departure
            double futureTime = currentTime + futureEventTime(serviceTime);
            //Create new departure event + add to priority queue
            GVevent next = new GVevent(GVevent.DEPARTURE, futureTime, num);
         * Customer Arrives
         * @param time of customer getting in line
        public void customerArrives (double t){
            //Update current time
            currentTime = t;
            //Create new customer, add to line
            Customer c = new Customer(t);
            //Check for if longest line
            if(inLine.size() > longestLine){
                longestLine = inLine.size();
                longestTime = currentTime;
            //Move first customer in line to available cashier
            int i = cashierAvailable();
            if(i >= 0){
            //Generate future time
            double n = futureEventTime(arrivalTime);
            //Check time to make sure not after closing, add to queue
            if(n < CLOSE){
                GVevent next = new GVevent(GVevent.ARRIVAL, t); 
         * Customer Departs
         * @param num of cashier available
         * @param time
        public void customerDeparts (int num, double t){
            //Update current time
            currentTime = t;
            //Retrieve customer from cashier[num]
            //Check to see if cashier gets new customer
            if(inLine.size() > 0){
                cashiers[num] = inLine.remove(0);
                cashiers[num] = null;
         * Simulation of store
        public void simulate(){
            //Reset Parameter
            currentTime = OPEN;
            customersServed = 0;
            myEvents = new PriorityQueue <GVevent> ();
            //First Arrival
            GVevent a = new GVevent(GVevent.ARRIVAL, currentTime);
            //Continue as long as there are events
                //Get next event, update time
                a = myEvents.poll();
                currentTime = a.getTime();
                //Customer arrives
                //Customer Departs
                    customerDeparts(, currentTime);
            //Print Results

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    Default Re: Parameter help?

    At some point I presume the customer is assigned a cashier. So that information needs to be saved so you can retrieve it. Once the customer is checked out the cashier becomes available.

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    Default Re: Parameter help?

    Seems to me that this GVEvent class you have needs to know a little more; right now it only represents an event of "a" customer, but it does not know which specific customer.
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